Dear clients, friends and collaborators;

Hoping that your health, that of your family and that of your entire team is well in the face of this Covid-19 pandemic that is affecting everyone. This is why we want to inform you of the measures we have taken in order to minimize the risk of contagion for all our collaborators in order to maintain the operational continuity of all our process plants. This is how we are working to deliver your products with the same level of service that characterizes us. Currently all our plants are in normal operation, receiving fruit, processing and shipping.

In order for our entire operation to continue operating, we have established some measures such as:

Temperature Control of all the people who enter our plants and office.

Daily individual health statement of every person who enters the plants or office regarding symptoms of Covid-19 and if they were in contact with someone who was infected.

Hand wash before entering the facilities.

Placement of alcohol gel dispensers at the entrance of the facilities and at various work points.

Distance all workstations more than a meter away, including dining rooms.

It was established that the designated administrative and office personnel are in telework mode, establishing face-to-face shifts in the office in order to reduce daily presence by 60%.

An emergency committee is held daily where new decisions are made in order to ensure the health of our workers and our operation.

We want to give you the peace of mind that we are making all our efforts to minimize the risks for all of us who work at Pacific Nut to ensure the production and dispatch of the products contracted by you.

A tender greeting,

Pacific Nut team