Covid Donations

  • Delivery of healthy snacks made with our nuts to 128 families in Ángel Gabriel Garden located in the commune of San Bernardo.
  • We donate 300 healthy snacks with our nuts to neighbors and nursing homes from Isla de Maipo.

Institutions sponsored by Pacific Nut

  • Donation to the Debra Foundation: provides support, education and medical care from different specialists to all Chilean patients with Epidermolysis Bulosa (EB), disease better known as “Crystal Skin”.
  • Donation to Ángel Gabriel Garden, San Bernardo commune: JUNJI garden, administered by Fundación Choshuenco, which was built in response to the neighborhood’s need for quality educational establishments.


Pacific Nut offers to our collaborators and / or children of collaborators the benefit of academic excellence scholarships, which are awarded for the good academic performance demonstrated the previous year (2019). We reward basic, middle and higher education (technical or professional).

This year there were 17 applications … we hope that next year these number increse!